Made from Wood

The theme ‘Made from wood’ understandably encouraged many shots taken in our local area, particularly the seaside beach huts, the various species of trees in the New Forest and several wooden constructions including fences, buildings and bridges.  We also had some more creative photos of items made from wood either as a hobby, or collected, or seen on our worldly travels.  All in all some creative and colourful results and a theme which was enjoyed by all the members.


Old Gaffer
Down the Wooden Hill
by Alan

Hog - dead wood
Weeping Willow
by Frances

Fence against the sky
Beach Huts
by Frank

Tree Roots New Forest
by Gill

Old fashioned wood working tools
New Forest shed - disused!
by Ian

Wooden Bridge Lucerne
Torii Gate entry from the Mundane to Sacred
by Marjorie

by Vern